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My friend Chris dragged me to midtown west last night to watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Rockefeller Center. In order to properly celebrate his first Christmas in New York, he just HAD to go see the tree lighting. Although we arrived well before the festivities were supposed to begin, I didn’t see much and heard almost nothing. look here now.


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This weekend, I went to Henri Bendel, one of my favorite stores on 5th Ave, to look for some new clothes. Although I didn’t quite find any clothes that I liked, I found something much juicier on the second floor…

A gorgeous half-naked black model stood on the balcony chatting with some of the female clerks. Besides his skin-tight jeans, he only had “Henri Bendel New York” painted in white diagonally across one of his perfectly sculpted pecs and glitter scattered on his face and left arm.

Ordinarily, I would’ve gone up and talked to him and maybe even stroked him (only on the arms or chest of course.) Last Saturday, however, a sudden wave of shyness inexplicably overcame me. Completely bizarre. After admiring this perfect male specimen from the distance for a couple minutes, I just left the store. Check us out in long island.

Well, if I see him again, I’ll let him wrap his dark chocolate arms around me. Screw that. I’ll just have to pour hot melted chocolate all over my naked body and let him lick it all off!


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Today’s been amazingly warm in Manhattan – I can’t believe that it’s mid-December. OK. I’m not talking about the balmy weather that you California people experience, but it normally should be freezing in NYC by now.

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Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm conditions, I ran the big loop in Central Park (I think it’s about 6 miles) in just tights and a light jacket. I really love running in the Park. So the air in Manhattan’s not exactly fresh and you do get the occasional whiff of manure from the horse carriages that go around the park. But the Park is an amazing sanctuary within Manhattan – it’s the only place in the city with so many trees and grass. Once you enter the Park, you almost forget that you’re in the middle of this crazy city. I especially like going there on the weekdays. Sometimes, you have to avoid cars that go zipping by, but at least you can avoid the weekend crowds.

I hope that we get some more of this weather for the rest of the week. Running outdoors is so much more fun than pushing weights or moving in place in a gym!